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About Our Home

Rosetta's Bella Casa is a licensed senior assisted living home that is fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have experienced, certified direct caregivers specializing in elder care. This beautiful residential senior assisted living home has private and semi-private rooms available for up to 6 residents.

We provide assistance and care to residents who can no longer maintain themselves independently. We will provide 24-hour personal care, supervision, assistance, protection and comfort. We offer loving, thoughtful attention and companionship in a loving home environment.

Services and amenities include: three meals and snacks daily, laundry, daily activities and all personal hygiene items (with the exception of adult briefs and pads) and much more. 
Dr. Ghassan Atto, MD and Dr. Michael Hartman (Podiatrist) are on staff. All medications are through Family Care Pharmacy with free delivery.

The home is located within the community where resources are available for the needs of the residents, such as hospitals, libraries, shopping areas and churches.

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